What is CommonSENSE NOLA?

CommonSenseNOLA is a non-partisan organization dedicated to bringing a professional cannabis industry to New Orleans. This new, yet ancient, industry has the ability to answer so many of the issues we have to face as a community.

When we review the fiscal issues we face as a city -Orleans Parish Prison consent decree ($11.2 million annually), New Orleans Police consent decree ($11 million annually). The New Orleans Fire Fighters pension fund is only 33% funded ($18 million annually).

By 2016 the city library system will have used all of its reserve funds .The costs to the City of the Sewage and Water Board upgrades will exceed $1billion dollars over the next ten years.

These are serious fiscal questions that we have to change our paradigm to answer. The City can no longer count on large federal grants in an age of austerity.

What CommonSenseNOLA’s solution to these pressing issues is to utilize a culture that has been a part of our history for well over 100 years. In fact, we named our international airport after Louis Armstrong, a user and proponent of cannabis.

As we see the future, it is important for New Orleans to seize the day in taking a lead role in an exploding marketplace.


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3 CommonSENSE Goals

Stop the destruction of families by preventing the unjust incarceration of cannabis users.

Educate the public about political issues surrounding medical cannabis to stimulate legal reform.

Create a homegrown industry in New Orleans that generates more middle class jobs.

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Plans & Presentations

Maximizing Limited Resources

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Revenue Issues in NOLA

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The New Orleans Armistice

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